Wake up in the mountains!

A kick ass contest

Who kicks ass the most?

Vote once, for one or more of these kick-ass folk.

Voting closes Friday, September 29th at 3 PM. The winners will be announced on October 3rd!


Larry will be 80 in Feb. He's been going to college to finish his degree he started back in the 1950's. He had to drop out of school to help his family financially. He had his first job at the age of 9, a paper route. He bought groceries with the money he earned. He not only sacrificed his wants and needs at an early age, he's also always put his wife and kids before himself. He's taught me so much about life. It will truly break my heart when he is gone. If I could choose one person to do life with it would be my father. I am a lucky, no blessed girl.


Krista is a TRUE easy going, fun loving maritimer who is family oriented and willing to help ANYONE in need. She's SO welcoming, loving and dedicates her time to underprivileged children and making sports accessible to all. She runs many charity events to provide funds for local athletes to join the sports they wish to play. She raises money for local families for Christmas hampers. She's a high school teacher of kinesiology, hockey, leadership and hospitality/tourism. She works with special needs students making sure they are included and loved in her classes. She spends many hours outside of class giving up her time to coach sports. She's the bomb diggity and a truly KICK ASS person.


As a social worker, Lola works with displaced youth and adults, preparing them to get back on track while often masking her own trials. She takes her mother to dialysis every week, while still dancing and working with her church. She supports her friends during all the high and low moments - even when she is going through her own. She babysits her nephew once a week so his parents can get a break! All I can say is she’s an unspoken hero. Those individuals that day-in and day-out give their all for their loved ones and their community, while often putting themselves on the back burner. I would love to just show her some gratitude and love!


Who kicks ass? My wife kicks ass, that’s who. Female mechanical engineer - check. Country girl born and raised - check. Loves animals - check. Unabashed determination - check. Kind and loving, and overall amazing - check. She’s just as comfortable wielding a drill and sledge hammer as she is relaxing reading on the back deck. She knows how to work hard, plan, and get the job done right; whether its at home fixing the barn, or at work keeping the machinery running. Every day rain, snow, or shine she’s working with her horses, who she loves. But she always makes time for cuddles with our 100lb rescue dog. Heard enough? Vote Emily!


Meet Christine, we met in a park when we were six months old. Now she catches babies as part of a midwifery program on the border in Texas. I once punched out her front tooth while jumping on the bed and she's still my best friend. If you need a scone or some homemade ginger ale, Christine is a DIY-master. She's been seen playing the accordion on the streets of Prague where she taught in a school that didn't allow shoes so she wore slippers. Christine knows what it's like to take time to care about people and kicks your ass in a way that is like hey, you matter so let's hug.


Brian has survived seven brain surgeries. You'd never know it! During that time, he managed to go back to college at Winona State and get his degree. He volunteers for the Epilepsy foundation, helping others with the same condition he has. He continues to live in the moment by doing things he's never done or going places he's never been before. Yesterday he tried curling for the first time. He is a smart, funny, down to earth guy who can carry a conversation with anybody (including my 6-yr old son). Vote Brian!

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